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SC summons Nehal Hashmi for review of contempt of court verdict

Posted on MAR 07, 2018 12:00 AM

The Supreme Court on Tuesday screened former PML-N senator Nehal Hashmi's most recent 'inflammatory' speech delivered right after he completed his one-month sentence for contempt of court and ordered that he appear before the court in person on Wednesday. Nehal Hashmi, after his release from Adiala Jail, had declared himself "a victim of revenge". "This is the height of oppression," he had said. "Who are you holding accountable? And who are you anyway? I stand by what I said [earlier]," he had said. On being asked if he was "ashamed" of his threatening speech last year, which had landed him in jail in the first place, Hashmi declared that only a "fraud, thief or a person who took undue advantage of power would be embarrassed". On Tuesday, the court screened the recent speech while hearing Hashmi's appeal against the contempt sentence handed to him. Once the video had been played through, Hashmi's lawyer, Kamran Murtaza, sought to apologise on behalf of his client, but the bench said the matter would now be taken up in Hashmi's presence. The chief justice remarked that Hashmi had once again used objectionable language against judges after his release, to which Murtaza said Hashmi was "ashamed" of what he had said and asked that it not be quoted in the court's written order. However, the chief justice refused the request. Justice Azmat, in his remarks, observed that Hashmi seems to be toeing one line in the documents submitted to court, and another when he talks to media and makes speeches. (NEWS BY DAWN NEWS)

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