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Supreme Court's Janus ruling will end cash cow for liberal activists: experts

 Posted on July 5, 2018 12:00 AM

The battle over unions collecting money from non-members moved from the Supreme Court to the court of public employees' opinion. On the same day the court announced its ruling in the Janus case barring public-sector unions from automatically collecting fees from government workers who choose not to join the union, libertarian groups were outside government buildings passing out literature. Were planning an all-of-the-above comprehensive educational campaign to reach those public employees and let them know about their constitutional rights, said Maxford Nelsen from the Freedom Foundation, a libertarian think tank based in Washington State. Nelsen has been down this road before. The Freedom Foundation won a smaller but similar ruling in state court four years ago. Since then, his group has been trying to spread the word, but the unions have blocked access to personal contact information. Some of the affected state workers still have not been notified.

(News By FOX NEWS)

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