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Why Hollywood Won't Ever Be the Same After the #MeToo Movement

January 7, 2017 12:25 pm

If the start of the 2018 awards season feels significantly different than the start of the 2017 awards season... that's because it is significantly different. It has to be. Hollywood doesn't have a choice. While no woman working in entertainment—or in almost any other business, for that matter—rang in the new year newly surprised by the stories of the depths to which men could sink, never before has the sheer magnitude of the problem been on display as it is now. Tears had been appearing on the glossy surface of showbiz for years, most of them quietly stitched up one at a time to varying degrees of resolution. A settlement paid out here, an apology issued there. For all the dozens of women who came forward with sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, the one criminal case against him resulted in a mistrial. But over the last few months, the festering wound beneath the surface of society that is the rampant mistreatment of women has been exposed. Women—and men—are speaking out. Storied careers are going up in flames. The old way of doing things now feels preposterously old. Those who once whispered are having their voices heard, loud and clear. (News By ENEWS)

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