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Oceans have been emptied of star fish

 Posted on Posted on MAR 07, 2018 12:00 AM

Thousands of starfish have washed up on a British beach, and give a view that looks like the ocean has gotten empty of starfish. The scene was described as ‘like the Armageddon’ by the photographer Lara Maiklem, 47 who captured it in Ramsgate, Kent. Following the deadly weather snap of subzero temperatures, hundreds and thousands of marine wildlife has washed ashore including star fish, sea urchins and fishes. The challenging weather is being taken as the cause for this wash up. Starfish stranding has been reported to be occurring every year at varying levels. However, they do not happen on such a large scale. Stormy weather has caused water currents to become stronger and wash the star fish away from the soft parts of the ocean floor and on to the beaches. Shifting tides, high winds and sea swell could also be factors in how many have ended up on beaches.(News By FOX NEWS)

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