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Asks Michele Lamy, With A Boxing-Themed Bazaar

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Boxing is a great metaphor for life, says Michele Lamy. Joyce Carol Oates says it far better than me, but it means something. We are sitting among a forest of punching bags in the corner of a members-only gym, a stones throw away from Selfridges where her new boxing-themed Lamyland has just launched. She is dressed head-to-toe in clothes designed by her husband Rick Owens, her fingers and lips are stained black, and she is bedecked in heavy golden jewellery of her own design. When she laughs, which she does often, it is deep and throaty and her gold teeth, which are flecked with diamonds, flash bright. What she is wearing now is what she wears to box (except for the shoes which she changes to suit the sport) and, much as it might be pass to narrate what an interviewee is wearing, it feels like a relevant point to make. Just like boxing, her appearance is captivating and confrontational in equal measure, and it is those same characteristics that have now translated into Lamyland.(News By THE vogue NEWS)  


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