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Russian jets hit Syrian south, U.N. urges Jordan to open border

 Posted on July 5, 2018 12:00 AM

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Dark smoke rose over areas held by Syrian rebels near the border with Jordan on Thursday as President Bashar al-Assads Russian allies unleashed heavy air strikes and government forces sought to advance on the ground. The UNHCR refugee agency urged Jordan to open its borders to Syrians who have fled the fighting, saying the total number of displaced now stood at more than 320,000, with 60,000 of them gathered at the border crossing with Jordan. Assad aims to recapture the entire southwest including the frontiers with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Jordan. The area is one of the last rebel strongholds in Syria after more than seven years of war. With no sign of intervention yet by his foreign foes, government forces seem set for another big victory in the war after crushing the last remaining rebel bastions near Damascus and Homs. (News By REUTOER NEWS)

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